Copy Protection For Videos

As you have seen on the previous page, there are a lot of avenues to close before thinking about "copy protection". However a good copy protect solution should cater for all of those aspects and there are some that do tick all the boxes.

Copy Protection for Desktop Viewing

Video files distributed by email, download or on disk are for what we refer to as "desktop viewing" where the video file is transportable to any device and and played using video player software on the computer desktop. Such video files can be easily shared and redistributed without the owner's permission unless DRM is applied to restrict user access to only those who have explicit permission to do so. DRM employs user identification as mentioned in the previous page and uses either call-to-home server checks or locally stored token files to validate the user's access rights. Call-to-home validation is preferred and not exploitable whereas token files can be exploited if ever they can decrypted/hacked. Also, call-to-home validation is live so any any changes made to a video or a subscriber's permissions will take immediate effect, even on videos still out in the wild or already saved to a user's computer.

CopySafe Video Protection

CopySafe Video Protection is the only copy protection software available for video that truly protects all methods of copy while providing DRM using call-to-home subscriber validation to prevent sharing. Software licensing is most economical and includes the DRM service, free support and free upgrades for life. Videos can be encrypted using the CopySafe Video Encoder and distributed with copy protection applied but without DRM, or they can be uploaded to the DRM server for subscriber and DRM management. Subscribers can download and use the CopySafe Video Player which is a proprietary video player for the computer desktop, and the only means by which anyone can view these copy protected videos. While playing, a video cannot be copied, saved or recorded on the user's computer. The player is a free download to the public and can be distributed on disk with your video collection.

Copy Protection for Online Viewing

There is a belief that, even among web developers who should know better, that by viewing media online that the user does not download or save the media to their computer. Well they are wrong because no media is viewed remotely. In all cases the web page and its media is downloaded to the user's web browser cache and viewed locally. because that is how things do work and the only way that it can work. So there is nothing gained protection-wise by viewing online. In fact viewing online can pose problems that are more difficult to control because data can usually be retrieved from browser cache, which is the way most screen recording and video grabbers work, and it can usually be intercepted by using packet sniffers.

But not to worry because today all modern web browsers are useless for real copy protection so they can no longer pose a threat or provide the usual loopholes to exploit. Today there is only one web browser that can not only cater for real copy protection but unlike other browsers, it switches to to copy protect mode to prevent all avenues of copy and exploit.

The ArtisBrowser can be used with CopySafe Video Protection for online viewing to provide the most secure viewing of online video, or it can be used with the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) which will copy protect all media and data displayed on web pages.

The ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS)

ASPS is undoubtedly the most secure site protection solution possible, mainly because it was never designed for popular web browsers, but instead employs the ArtisBrowser, which was properly designed from the ground up to protect all web media, including video, instead of exploiting it like all other web browsers. ASPS utilizes a server filter that encrypts web pages on demand so that only the ArtisBrowser can display them, and while doing so, the ArtisBrowser switches from friendly mode to copy protect mode in which nothing can be copied by any means.

When SSL is used on the web site, the secure tunnel between server and browser cannot be exploited and no data can be extracted, even with the use of packet sniffers. Nor can data be extracted from browser cache or memory. ASPS can be used on any web site where you have permission to install the server filter at root level. That means that a dedicated or at least a virtual server is required which should not be an issue because today, virtual servers can be rented form as little as $10/month.

The ASPS solution is well designed throughout and most sophisticated. Having been in service for more than ten years and developed by the leading developer (and inventor) of copy protection, it is as what one would expect... a dream come true.

ASPS does not provide DRM because in most usage scenarios such DRM will more than likely conflict with the member login requirements provided by the website CMS. For example the most popular CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Moodle already cater for member access requirements and each has many plugins available to enhance membership and group policy. There are also plugins available for managing ASPS web pages from within those CMS dashboards.

Click for more information about the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS).


While the ASPS server filter can be installed on all types of web servers including Linux and Windows, the ArtisBrowser is a Windows web browser. Other OS, especially those used by mobile phones and other amusement devices, are not supported because they are unstable, too easily exploited, and lack support for what is required to properly copy protect anything.


ASPS is a no-nonsense copy protect solution that makes no compromises and thus leaves no holes open for exploit. For corporate networks and other mission critical scenarios, you have the most secure copy protection for web pages on the planet. It cannot be more secure!


For those limited to web sites on shared hosting servers, you will not be able to use ASPS but you can use the next best solution. CopySafe Video can be used on any web page hosted anywhere. Specifically designed for encrypted video, the whole page including other media can be copy protected from PrintScreen and screen capture.

Click for more information about CopySafe Video Protection.


ArtistScope also provide the most secure solutions for CopySafe PDF Protection and CopySafe Web Protection.

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